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6 Ways To Master Your Email Marketing

This article will take you through 6 effective tips to excel your email marketing efforts, including:

  • Frequency

  • Content

  • Platform recommendations

  • Get personal

  • Automation

  • Database building

Tip 1: Frequency

Mastering the art of frequency for email marketing is something many can perfect. Whilst there’s no universal truth indicating which frequency is best. It fully depends on your brand, your chosen audience, and your email marketing strategy.

It’s easy to assume sending more emails means you’ll have more opportunities to engage your audience and create sales.

While staying in touch with customers is an important part of your digital marketing efforts, nobody likes a company that’s constantly flooding their inbox.

A study from Campaign Monitor using 2 billion emails reveals that companies with the highest open rates sent around 5 campaigns every month.

Tip 2: Content

Think about yourself as a subscriber, would you like to read countless emails promoting products? The simple answer is no.

We recommend segmenting your content to be 80% informative, educational and inspirational, then 20% sales related.

80% of your content should be:
  • How to facts

  • Industry Education

  • Meet the team

  • Client testimonials

  • User-generated content

20% of your content should be:
  • Discovery call promotion

  • New product/service feature

  • Sales promotions

  • Product trials

Tip 3: Platform Recommendations

Yes, there are many different CRMs to choose from, so let’s debunk some of the main ones.

Beginner email marketing

Platform: MailChimp

  • Product and service businesses

  • All industries

  • Free or paid: Free and paid options are available

Advanced email marketing

Platform: HubSpot

  • Product and service businesses

  • All industries

  • Free or paid: Paid

E-Commerce email marketing

Platform: Drip

  • Product businesses

  • E-commerce businesses

  • Free of paid: Free and paid options are available

Tip 4: Get Personal

Personalisation is one of the most important elements for mastering email marketing. Most marketers believe personalisation is simply adding your user's name in the email subject, however, it is so much more than that, including:

  • Being relevant

  • Sending timely emails

  • Anticipating your subscriber needs

  • List segmentation

To enhance the personalisation of your email campaigns, we recommend constructing a strategy for collecting relevant data from your subscribers, such as:

  • Specific product/s and/or service/s of interest

  • Past purchases

  • Pain points

  • Interests

Tip 5: Automation is a must!

Automation is a crucial step for scaling. It helps you to:

  • Increase conversion rates

  • Improve efficiency

  • Allow ease of scale

Tip 6: Database building

Once you have set up your email marketing fundamentals, it’s time to think about how to scale your database. We recommend creating a database-building strategy each quarter with key ways for you to build up the subscribers in the database.

Some strategies for database building include:
  • Complimentary educational video library access

  • Complimentary discovery call or workshop

  • 10 step checklist (PDF)

Naomi Johnston


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