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5 Things That Signal It’s Time To Rebrand

A rebrand is part of the natural cycle of every strong brand.

Companies should rebrand to better differentiate themselves from the competition.

It is important to know when the time is right for a rebrand. Businesses who don't rebrand in time usually make it hard for themselves to compete with their competitor.

So, how do you know when to rebrand your business?

5 Things That Signal It’s Time To Rebrand

Sign 1: You Have Outdated Branding

Your Comic Sans font, flash-based website or 1990s color palette may be dragging your brand down and making your business look outdated. What are you going to do?

The example below shows how Airbnb transformed their brand by introducing innovative shapes, colours and fonts.

Sign 2: Your Business Has Evolved

Typically after 5 years in business, new branding is required to stay up-to-date with the industry, competitors and client preferences.

Sign 3: Your Target Audience Isn't Specific Enough

The power of niching down is something, not many businesses perfect. If your target audience doesn't know why they need your brand, or if you have a wide demographic bracket, you should consider rebranding.

Sign 4: Your Product or Service Has Changes

Whether it's a new product or service or you're changing your business model or strategy, you'll most likely have to rebrand.

Sign 5: Mergers and Acquisitions

Changes in company ownership will often trigger a rebranding as a matter of course. Upon these events, there is a unique opportunity to go through a complete rebrand.

Naomi Johnston

Founder and Creative Director | noa group ™


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