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50 Words To Avoid In Your Email Marketing

By avoiding common email spam trigger words, you can successfully ensure your email marketing campaigns are hitting the inbox of your database.

This article will reveal:

Spam trigger words

Spam trigger words are phrases that email providers flag as fraudulent and malicious. When they identify these emails, they then route them away from recipients’ inboxes, instead into the junk or spam folder. These words and phrases typically overpromise a positive outcome to get sensitive information from the recipient.

What causes emails to go to spam?

There are a few different factors including:

  • You don't include an unsubscribe button in the footer of your email

  • You send poorly-designed emails with broken code

  • You address your email recipient by words such as "my friend" or "dear" not by their actual name

  • You buy email lists online with users who have not opted into your database

  • You use excessive cap text or punctuation such as '!!!' or 'HELLO ??'

  • You include strangely formatted text fonts

  • You include links within the email that direct to fraudulent websites

How to become a high-reputation email sender

Email providers only want to deliver emails from high-reputation senders. To be a high-reputation sender, do the following:

  • Include an unsubscribe button

  • Design your emails with clean code using tools such as HubSpot Marketing Hub or MailChimp

  • Personalise your emails using text merges (71% of consumers expect email personalisation)

  • Email only users who have opted into your list

  • Keep your email deliverability high and consider adding a two-factor opt in process to ensure your list remains relevant

  • Keep the text free of odd formatting and excessive use of punctuation

  • Within the email, only include links to reputable websites

Email spam words to avoid

We've broken down 50 words to avoid in your email marketing, broken down into 5 categories

  1. Additional income

  2. Be your own boss

  3. Compete for your business

  4. Double your

  5. Earn $

  6. Earn extra cash

  7. Earn per week

  8. Expect to earn

  9. Extra income

  10. Potential earnings

  11. Make $

  12. Make money

  13. Money making

  14. Online biz opportunity

  15. Online degree

  1. As seen on

  2. Buy

  3. Buy direct

  4. Buying judgments

  5. Clearance

Financial - General
  1. $$$

  2. Affordable

  3. Bargain

  4. Beneficiary

  5. Best price

  6. Big bucks

  7. Cash

  8. Cash bonus

  9. Cashcashcash

  10. Cents on the dollar

Financial - Business
  1. Accept credit cards

  2. Cards accepted

  3. Check or money order

  4. Credit card offers

  5. Explode your business

  6. Full refund

  7. Investment decision

  8. No credit check

  9. No hidden Costs

  10. No investment

  1. Acceptance

  2. Accordingly

  3. Avoid

  4. Chance

  5. Dormant

  6. Freedom

  7. Here

  8. Hidden

  9. Home

  10. Leave

Naomi Johnston


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