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8 Re-Engagement Email Campaign Examples (+30 Subject Lines)

Your new email subscribers show a high engagement with your brand, yet, some subscribers turn to inactive contacts after some time.

Here are a few reasons why it happens:

  • They lost interest in your newsletter, product or service

  • They found an alternative to your solution

  • They couldn’t understand how to use your solution

  • They abandoned their shopping carts

  • They didn’t understand all the benefits that your product offers

  • They simply forgot about you

According to Invesp, turning an inactive subscriber into a customer costs 5 times cheaper than acquiring a completely new customer, where inactive subscribers generate 7% of overall business revenue.

8 Re-Engagement Email Campaign Examples

  1. Welcome back emails

  2. Re-engagement thank you email

  3. We miss your emails

  4. Time-triggered re-activation emails

  5. Abandoned cart recovery emails

  6. Reactivation emails

  7. Customer Retention emails

  8. B2B re-engagement emails

30 Re-Engagement Email Subject Lines

Welcome Back Emails
  • Welcome back {first name}

  • We are glad to have you back {first name}!

  • Welcome back {first name}, check out what’s new

Re-Engagement Thank You Emails
  • Are we on the same page?

  • Still interested in us? Get in touch

  • Busy bee? Let us help

  • We’re wondering …

  • Do you find our updates valuable?

  • Want to help meet your goals? Let’s reconnect

  • Don’t leave a good thing behind

  • We’ve noticed you’ve been a little distant lately

  • You’re in control: Choose what you want to hear from us

We Miss You Emails
  • We’ve missed you - here’s 20% off

  • We’ve missed you - here’s a complimentary consultation

  • Guess what … we’ve missed you! Get 10% off everything

Time-Triggered Re-Activation Emails
  • Did you know it’s been XYZ since you left us?

  • Are you wanting XYZ still in your life?

Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails
  • Don’t worry, we’ve saved your cart for you

Reactivation Emails
  • Let’s catch up for a virtual coffee

  • Long time no see {first name}

  • {first name}, we miss you!

  • {first name}, it’s been a while …

  • You won’t believe what you’ve missed

  • Don’t let this opportunity pass you by

Customer Retention Emails
  • Here’s to you, thank you for being our client

  • Thank you for being a loyal client

  • Happy anniversary to us

  • Thank you for choosing us

  • Are you sure you want to leave this behind?

  • We couldn’t do it without you! (Gift inside)

How to Write a Re-Engagement Email

Your emails should contain a few essential elements to effectively re-engage your clients.

  1. Keep the email design mobile-friendly

  2. Always have an easy-to-find CTA in the email; preferably above the fold.

  3. A tangible incentive

  4. The option to unsubscribe (usually in the footer)

Example of Re-Engagement Email Campaign Workflow

Email 1: “We Miss You!

This starts the conversation

Wait 3 days

Email 2: Benefits + Social Proof

Your brand has a lot of value, so talk about it. Do purchases help support worthy causes? Talk about it here. Do you do something unique that no one else does? Talk about it. Try including some testimonies or other user-generated content here.

Wait 5 days

Email 3: Second Discount Offer/Discount Reminder

People get sidetracked, so remind them that you care and give them that discount one more time. Try using product recommendations here.

Wait 5 days

Email 4: Goodbye For Now

If nothing gets them engaging with your content, then this email is where you tell them you’ll be removing them from the list unless they click the CTA to stay on.

Naomi Johnston



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