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Key Marketing Dates 2023

Effectively plan your marketing calendar with this informative guide to Australia’s public holidays and key dates.

This guide helps you to think of marketing campaigns and social media posts that will resonate with your audience ahead of time.

This guide is suitable for product and service-based businesses looking to maximise the unique opportunities in 2023.

The full list of dates includes

  • Public holidays

  • Special events

  • Awareness days

  • E-Commerce dates

  • Seasonal trends

Save this to your browser so you can keep in the loop each month and plan ahead.



January is all about reconnecting with clients, and establishing all the goals you may have for the rest of the year. It’s a fresh start to the year so make sure you start 2023 the best way you can.

Season: Summer

Key dates in January

1st Jan: New Year’s Day

3rd Jan: International Mind-Body Wellness Day

17th Jan: World Religion Day

20th Jan: Get To Know Your Customers Day

26th Jan: Australia Day

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February is Black History Month, and also the start of Chinese New Year. This is usually when things pick up again following the holiday break.

Season: Summer

Key dates in February

Feb 1st: Chinese New Year

Feb 1st: Black History Month

Feb 14th: Valentine’s Day

Feb 28th: Summer Ends

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Chinese New Year




March is all about celebrating the women in your life, with Women's History Month and International Women's Day.

Season: Autumn

Key dates in March

1st March: Autumn Starts

5th March: Sydney Mardis Gras

7th March: Labour Day (WA)

8th March: International Women’s Day

14th March: Labour Day (VIC)

17th March: St Patrick’s Day

20th March: International Day of Happiness

21st March: National Harmony Day

26th March: Earth Hour

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April is a big month for holidays with the Easter long weekend. ANZAC Day is on the 25th April, and is a day of remembrance for those who served Australia and New Zealand in Gallipoli and other wars.

Season: Autumn

Key dates in April

1st April: April Fool's Day

3rd April: Daylight Savings Ends

7th April: World Health Day

7th April: Good Friday

8th April: Holy Saturday

9th April: Easter Sunday

25th April: ANZAC Day

28th April: Pay It Forward Day

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Earth Day




May is Mental Health Awareness Month, bringing awareness to the importance of checking up on your colleagues, clients and loved ones. The month of May has Mother's Day, a great opportunity to connect with the brand’s community to support celebrating mothers.

Season: Autumn

Key dates in May

1st: Mental Health Awareness Month

2nd: May Day (NT)

2nd: Labour Day (QLD)

14th May: Mother's Day

31st May: Autumn Ends

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Mother's Day



Winter is here! June is a big month for all professionals, marking the last month of the 2022/23 Financial Year. This month is especially busy for financial and tax professionals in the lead-up to the new financial year.

Season: Winter

Key dates in June

1st June: Winter Starts

5th June: World Environment Day

6th June: Western Australia Day / Queensland Day

13th June: Queen’s Birthday

13th-19th: Men’s Health Week

30th June: End of 2022/23 Financial Year

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Queens Birthday Long Weekend



July is a quieter month as many professionals goal set and look forward to the new financial year.

Season: Winter

Key dates in July

1st July: Start of 2023/24 Financial Year

3rd - 10th July: NAIDOC Week

4th July: Independence Day (USA)

7th July: World Chocolate Day

11th July: World Population Day

17th July: World Emoji Day

30th July: International Friendship Day

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Tax Return

School Holidays



August is quiet once again, especially for those in education which resumes after a mid-year break.

Season: Winter

Key dates in August

1st August: New South Wales Bank Holiday / Northern Territory Picnic Day

9th August: National Women’s Day

14th August: National Financial Awareness Day

15th August: National Relaxation Day

31st August: End of Winter

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September begins the month with Father's Day. RUOK? Day also features in September and is a reminder to acknowledge the importance of mental health and to check up on those around you, personally and professionally.

Season: Spring

Key dates in September

1st September: Start of Spring

4th September: Father’s Day

8th September: RUOK? Day

21st September: International Day of Peace

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Father's Day



October is a relatively quiet month before the holiday season rolls around. This month is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming sales season.

Season: Spring

Key dates in October

2nd October: Daylight Savings Starts

3rd October: Territory Day / Labour Day (ACT, NSW, ACT)

31st October: Halloween

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Spring Racing




November is a big month for all e-commerce businesses with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Month. It's a perfect time, at the beginning of the month, to make sure your business is prepared in advance for key campaigns.

Season: Spring

Key dates in November

1st November: Movember Starts

1st November: Melbourne Cup Day

11th November: Remembrance Day

15th November: National Entrepreneurs Day

19th November: International Men’s Day

25th November: Black Friday

26th November: Small Business Saturday

28th November: Cyber Monday

30th November: Thanksgiving

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Melbourne Cup



December marks the last month of the calendar year. The holiday season is upon us with many clients looking to relax and reset before the new year.

Season: Summer

Key dates in December

15th December: Free Shipping Day

24th December: Christmas Eve

25th December: Christmas

26th December: Boxing Day

31st December: New Year’s Eve

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Boxing Day


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