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Tips For Boosting Digital Conversions

Focus on converting the traffic you already have: Instead of chasing new visions, it pays to convert more of your existing ones. Start by identifying the barriers preventing users from converting. It’s all about making small changes to your UX that can have a big impact.

What You Can Do

  1. Set up a conversion survey so users can share what could have been easier in the process to buy online or sign up for your products or service.

  2. Set up an abandon cart sequence to email people who didn’t finish checking out.

  3. Make sure people returning to the site are reminded of items in their cart or your service offering if you are a service-based business.

“This can help you nearly triple your client sales.”

Improve Individual Website Pages

Optimising the entire user journey can be daunting, so you can also take a step-by-step approach. Use heat maps to determine how users interact with key pages and elements on your site such as forms, call to actions and media.

What is a heat map?

A website heatmap is a visual representation of how visitors interact with each element on your website. It shows which sections get more clicks and hold your visitor's attention.

Some tools for this:

Also use other tools like exit rates, numbers of page clicks and bounce rates to know where to focus your efforts on.

Naomi Johnston

Founder and Creative Director | noa group ™

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